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FLAUNT…The New Exhibition Display Stand Company…

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Flaunt Exhibition display stand 3D visual Wella“Flaunt” as a transitive verb means “to exhibit ostentatiously” 

So how cool is it that the newest exhibition display stand company should be called Flaunt?

We’re based in Leeds, and operate nationwide.  We’ve just exploded on to the scene, but we’ve got a huge team who’ve worked on some of the most impressive exhibition stand designs that you’ll ever see at shows all around the world. We firmly believe that you’ll think we’re the best, and offer the best value.

Flaunt is here for those of you who want to look great at your next trade show, turn a few heads, and keep it affordable.

What is a Flaunt exhibition display stand?

You’d never guess it by looking, but the Flaunt system is a modular exhibition stand system that takes you out of your shell (scheme). It takes you in to the world of the super-hero display stands, but isn’t for the super-rich. It’s for the cooler, more vibrant people who want to go that extra mile, and save those few extra pounds.

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And in addition to that, it’s not just about listening to what you want, and giving it to you.  Because here at Flaunt, we’re full of great exhibition display stand ideas, there to enhance the good stuff that you want to do.  We help make you in to one of the star attractions at your next show.

Offering full event project management from beginning to end; the uber-cool Flaunt give you a design, deliver and build service that you won’t find anywhere else.  But if you don’t want that, it’s an easy enough system to build up yourself.

So, have you got a trade show in mind that you’re itching to attend?

What are you waiting for?  Flaunt it! Get in touch with us, and have a chat to one of the team, we know we can help you out at your next show!

Call today on (0113) 368 8359. And connect to us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter


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