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Don’t Be Stuck In Your Shell (Scheme)

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Flaunt - the alternative to the shell scheme

You’re not alone in your shell scheme.  This exhibitions game can be a daunting experience, especially if you need to calculate every single expenditure to the absolute penny.

Return on Investment is everything, right? Right!

So, spending as little as possible to be at an exhibition will gain you more, right? Hmm…not so right.

You see, at Flaunt we hear so many companies tell us “Well we’re not sure if we can spend much, so we just take a shell scheme…” and then as we pass by them in the exhibition hall, everyone else is passing them by too. And so is that ROI.

Things are a lot slower (like a tortoise) when you remain in your shell (scheme).  Slower to be recognised, slower to be visited, and slower to feel that confidence to speak to people and lure them in. And boy, do those shows seem to go so slowly too!

And think about this:  Are you actually investing in anything? You’ve paid for lighting, and back boards that you can attach things to. You get a branded fascia, and a load of struts that keep your fascia up. And then you give them back.

But as visitors size up the show, you’re just the same as everyone else on your row. You’ll have seen that when you look down an aisle of shell scheme stands, nothing really stands out…they all look the same. You need to stand out from everyone else…

All the shell schemes...all the same...
All the shell schemes…all the same…
Your alternative to a shell scheme?

Have you heard of Flaunt? The vibrant, cost effective and super-cool modular exhibition stand system? It guarantees to draw more attention to you than your shell scheme would.  It’s a system without limitations that gives you the chance to step out of your shell and give you back your own identity.

About Image 3And the Flaunt system is a true investment, because it’s yours. It may cost a bit more initially, but you buy it once and use it again and again; becoming attractive to prospective clients, and making savings elsewhere at your show:

  • You only have to pay for space at an exhibition, which is cheaper than a shell scheme #SAVING
  • The system can be put up and taken down by you #SAVING
  • The stand looks absolutely fantastic time and time again (bought once, used a multitude of times #SAVING).
  • Any printed artwork is easier to store away safely, meaning there’s less need for you to renew existing artwork each time a show comes around. #SAVING

Even better than that though, you move in to the world of impressive, modular, eye-catching exhibition stands. Perfectly designed, looking the business and the people spending money are drawn to you.

A more creative kind of stand lures the visitors in. And with that your staff have an injection of confidence in their backdrop too.  They feel great when catching the attention of those all-important money spenders who wander past.

There’s a lot of truth in the fact the people say that the only people making money when it comes to shell schemes are the exhibition organisers themselves. What do you think…?

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